Thursday, August 03, 2006

Random Thursday*

*It was too hot to blog yesterday (computer is on the second floor of our unairconditioned house) so instead of Norma's Random Wednesday you get it on Thursday.

A beautiful storm went through last night, the temperature dropped 10C (~20F) in one hour last night. There was high winds, lots of lightening, and rain. Today you can actually breathe without sweating. A storm went close by earlier on Wednesday with hail and a tornado but did nothing for the temperature. I hope that this cold front moves and cools off the people on the east coast as well. (See I am willing to share the weather).

I was able to do some knitting last night, and I half the body done on the purse. I think I will have just enough of the brown left. The handle though may be done all in cream. My camera though is not behaving this morning so pics will have to wait. Her birthday is the end of August, so it won't be a problem finishing this.

Just to prove how much of a Canadian geek I am, I am looking forward to seeing Good Cop, Bon Cop, which comes out this weekend. The premise of the movie is that a hockey player (who else) is murdered and the body is found beside the sign marking the border between Ontario and Quebec. Depending on where the movie is shown, there will be English or French subtitles.

I just finished reading "Three Day Road" by Joseph Boyden. I picked this book up as part of the Kitchener "One Book, One Community" program, and can see why it was chosen. I was apprehensive at first, since I usually do not enjoy war stories. However I was drawn in It is a powerful story of two Cree boys who fight for Canada in WWI with only one, Xavier, returning home addicted to morphine. Xavier's Aunt Niska, picks him up at the train station and paddles him home. On the journey they share stories, Xavier about his friendship with Elijah and the war, Niska about her life, as one of the last Cree medicine women. The stories are an important part of the medicine that Xavier needs in order to rest and Niska feels it the only medicine she has to help him.

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