Wednesday, July 12, 2006

LYS trip

I went into my LYS (Cloth and Clay) today. I needed to get a skein of hemp to finish this project. (This is one of my SOS exceptions). I hadn't been in there since December (seeing as I wasn't living here until after the SOS started it hasn't been that long). They have a nice selection of beautiful yarns. They had a couple of papers at the checkout about the KW knitters guild, I mentioned that I would be interesting in joining, and it was too bad they only meet from Sept to May. The owner told me that the founder of the guild is none other than Sally Melville, another local knitter who attends the guild meetings is Debbie New.

My other exception for the summer of stash is yarn for a purse for my SIL, this is what I have so far.

I purchased some yarn in January, I picked up more yarn from Sarah so I just need to swatch to see if the yarns I have will work together and give the effect that I want.


AKW said...

"LYS"? "SOS"? Wassup with the codes and acronyms? Very mysterious. Is this your first step to taking over the world through fibre arts.

I think that you should create a new knitter's based Illuminati card. Instead of the Freemasons you would be the "Yarnmasons". Your sworn enemies would be the "Felloship of Crocheters". Think of the battles!

Wily Jeneric said...

That would make for a very good Illuminati card. Our alignments would have to be fanatic and violent (too many pointy sticks to be peaceful). I'd say they'd have high power, very high resistance, but perhaps a negative income... on account of all the yarn purchasing. The FoC would be Fanatic and straight (well, hooked, but that's not an option). Their power and resistance would be lower, and their income would be about 1.

museknits said...

Hi Teresa! Thanks for the link to Shelly's tutorial. I have been having internet problems and am just now reading your comment on my blog. I'll check it out!