Thursday, July 27, 2006


Yarn Monkey has started Sock Wars - winner gets some nice swag, everyone gets a pair of socks. Here are the rules:

  1. The first rule of Sock Wars is, you must talk about Sock Wars
  2. The second rule of Sock Wars is, you MUST talk about Sock Wars.
  3. Two socks to a fight
  4. One fight at a time
  5. No shirts, no shoes, just socks
  6. Fights will go on as long as they have to
  7. If this is your first time in Sock Wars, you have to fight.

For more details go see Yarn Monkey

Skacel is thinking of making sharper Addi Turbos if there is demand for them. For details go see Grumperina, she has a letter posted from Skacel discussing this issue, and the letter she sent them. They apparently didn't know that some people believe the needles have dull tips.

Purse update
I felted the swatch, some of the pattern stitches are difficult to see. It may be due to some tension issues, purling in stranded knitting was giving me some issues. The long strands at the back, also distorted the shape, but after trimming these strands the swatch behaved better. The swatch went through the washing machine twice. For the purse I figure I can duplicate stich any potential problem areas, and give it a good look after the first trip in the washing machine. If it needs any more touchups I can do it at that time. I was concerned about the white yarn not felting, but it didn't have a problem.

I'll add photos once blogger starts to behave.

ETA: After 3 attempts over the course of the day - I added the pictures. The purse is moved along farther now.


Wily Jeneric said...

I do like how the white felts, although the pattern can get lost in the brown. It tends to look more jagged as it is a one stitch repeat, in parts. I wonder if it might be better not to duplicate stitch but to embroider parts of the pattern (after knitting, before felting) - that way, the stitch definition won't be there, as it is now. Of course, this is probably much too late and it's probably knitting up fine!

Teresa said...

I am knitting in the pattern, but I was going to go over it - maybe duplicate stitch wasn't the right word but embroidery those areas. Knitting with the pattern will be more of a guide.

Priscilla said...

ah, sounds too hard. Duplicate stiches, embroidery, nah. Remember the rules of felting: White doesn't felt as nice. I say change the colors! Also, when I felted my stripped purse, any strip that was only one row in width (Height?) tended to come out jagged and not uniform. The row would disappear randomly since it was so small. Two stiches in width (or height) worked well. I can send pictures if you want.