Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring arrival

The weekend was beautiful here, and as a result there is very little knitting content for the day. Spring has definitely arrived although we need rain.

I started the applied I-cord on Samus. I sped through knitting the body, but everything else seems to be taking a long time. I guess knitting the sleeves over and over doesn’t help. The sleeves since I know you are interested are done, blocked and the finish length looks good. I don’t know if it is because I did not weave in any ends and just left them long just in case they needed to be ripped again. I try not to tempt fate. There is enough other stuff going on I don’t need to bring that to my knitting.

I did complete something though. I made these - Short Toed Socklets for wearing with my thongs. Now some people think these things should not be knitted. However, seeing as I have a very large blister on the top of my foot from wearing my thongs for a short walk, I figure I have a good case to wear these. I do not want an ugly mark on the top of my foot all summer. This will allow me to wear my sandals without being in pain. I made them from Sockotta with needle size 2.5 mm (US 1.5). I am thinking the cotton in the yarn will make them more tolerable during the warm days then wool. Although my feet are always cold (unlike Grumperina), I do like wearing as little as possible on them.

My portable project has become my husbands broken rib socks. I was going to do a waffle rib, but didn’t like the pattern when I started. I think these are going to take some time. I looked at the Trekking Yarn, and thought that I needed tiny needles so I picked up my 1.75 mm (US00) and started knitting the toe. When I had enough of the toe done to figure out the gauge I was shocked to find out I am knitting at 44 sts/ 10cm that is 11 sts per inch for those who are poor at math. Part of me is saying – “You are insane, other people who have used Trekking don’t knit at this tension” the other part “I love the resulting fabric”. I am going with the resulting fabric bit.

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