Friday, April 28, 2006


Yesterday, I drove from NJ to Norwich (9+ hours) picked up a certified cheque (and signed some papers) drove another hours to my lawyers office and signed massive amounts of paper. I am not sure what I signed away - I think my first born was involved - but today at another lawyer's office I was given a set of keys. Yes I am a house owner.
My husband and I drove over to our house, and went inside. There is misc crap still everywhere. Oh I hope they are not done and will be back.
Looked around some more - Nintendo Game Cube is still in the boys room. Yeah I think they will be back.So while we were discussing where to arrange furniture and still marveling that this is our house, the previous owner came back. She was told that she had until 6pm to be out. But I have the keys - I did want her to take all the garbage and other miscellany stuff (maybe leave the gamecube and the lawnmower), which I didnt' see happening if I was rude. Also we are moving in until next week (well some stuff this week) so there was no real point to being rude. So my husband and I left (he had to go back to work).
I did a few errands, planted the daylillies that Jenni gave to me. There are tonnes of lily of the valley around the yard that are just starting to come up, and I will be bringing some of those back to Jenni.


Stuntmother said...

Congratulations -- lilies and lilies of the valley and game cubes (even briefly) and houses. It's wonderful. Now, which room will be for your wool?

Priscilla said...

Congratulations. A first house!

Ah, yes, the buying a house with a delay in transfer. When I bought my first (and only house), we signed all the papers at our lawyer's office. The sellers sent their attorney with a power-of-attorney and it was a bit anticlimatic for a first house purchase. No wine, no congratulations, just a "Oh, almost are your keys." On the way "home," we got caught in rush hour traffic, stopped to rent a carpet shampooer, and buy the time we got to our house, the sellers were still there with a good bit of stuff still strewn about the place. They carried it all into the garage so they could continue the multiple trips back and forth to their new house without "bothering us." Things the left: a dish drying rack, a purple sweater, a devil costume (female), a set of ram horns, a few crosses left on nails around the house, and my husband and I are still finding foam alphabet letters in the ivy. Their poor kids will not know the letters, Q, W, T, N and S.