Friday, April 21, 2006

How 29 Peeps met an untimely end...

I've got no idea why Easter is celebrated with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, let alone Peeps marshmallow (and I use the term loosely) animals. Did Jesus have a pet bunny who was with him to the very end? Was this bunny miraculously able to lay eggs? I (clearly) don't know squat about religion.

Nevertheless, when I spied a recipe on NPR's Kitchen Window for a Peeps pie, I couldn't resist. I don't like pie or marshmallow, but it seemed appropriately festive (see bunnies and beans, above).

Ingredient number 1: 30 peeps, of your color and animal choice. Try not to terrify the Peeps as the are removed from their warm, womb-like packaging and placed into the sterile metal bowl.

Now do the unthinkable.

Place your charming little peeps over boiling water and try to ignore their peepy screams (do birds scream?). Note the weaker ones give up the ghost first (literally - they turn white).

Stir the pot continuously until, well, until all you have are eyes staring back at you. Try not to be alarmed. Eventually the eyes melt too.

Your end product is a gooey mess that you should mix with whipped cream and chocolate chunks. However, it's also good form to let any surviving peeps know how lucky they were.

Scrape the peep mess into a pie crust (resist urge to taste - it's horrid) and refrigerate overnight (or until the peep decoration stops screaming/is frozen). Serve to a house packed with children under the age of 10 (preferably not your own) and watch the sugar high commence.

Jenni and Teresa


Stuntmother said...

This concoction is both repulsive and yet utterly compelling. Utterly. The slow destruction of the tiny innocent peeps. The melting of their little bodies into goo.

Four and twenty peepbirds baken in a pie...

I'm drawn to this pie. I must have this pie.

Teresa said...

Just to warn you about this pie, there was a 4 year old at Easter who
had two bites and couldn't eat it any more. It was very cute since she
does like desserts and was worried about saying she didn't like it. We
gave her a bowl of ice cream instead.