Saturday, February 02, 2008

A new floor

The weekend finally arrived that Ali and I could devote to our living room floor. After ripping up the carpet we were told that Miniwax has a floor refinisher that might help us. After looking into it, I quickly decided against it. Why - well the need to reapply it after 4-6 months. I am not going to move my furniture and not walk in my living room for 1 day every 4-6 months. For those people who are not familiar with my house the living room is very integrated - how else to get from the front door/kitchen to the bathroom/bedroom/upstairs area besides going outside.
After some further research we found this product

it is Renewal Wood Floor Restoring System by Varathane. The system involves three parts. Step 1 - is a chemical sander which removes some of the old finish. Step 2 neutralizes this chemical reaction and sets up the old finish to accept the final finish which is step 3.

Here is the floor after Step 2

They recommed two coats of the final finish and here is some pics of the floor after the second coat.

One thing though - look at that window.

I am not discussing the snow from the most recent storm (which we were not hit as hard as other areas), no look closer - the window is open on the other side of that wet finish. I guess it can stay open for the next 2 hours.

Those bare spots - one has been covered so it is not immediately noticeable. Of course this is the one that sits under the chesterfield. The larger spot has not been covered so well. I am not going to let this bother me since I know the only other option is to sand the floor so everything is even. If this product doesn't wear like it should that will happen otherwise it is the charm of living in an older house.

Time to go out for dinner while the floor dries.

Next up trim


Julia in KW said...

I look forward to hearing how satisfied you are with the floor refinishing. Our older home has hardwood - some very tired, some covered before we got here. I am considering refinishing, but want to have an idea if it will be worth it.

Teresa said...

One day in and I think it looks great, we will see in 6 months how it wears. Remind me in a couple of months to post about the floor again.