Sunday, February 10, 2008

C is for

I have been going through different ideas what C could be.
Some of my ideas were

Cardigan components ( I am 1/2 done the second front)

Corners (We added the extra trim and corner round to the floor)
The extra trim was to help hide some of the problems like this

Or could it be a Canine Circle

Canine Companion (notice anything different in this photo)

but today I had to settle on CCCold

For my American Friends -28 with the windchill is -18F.

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Jenni said...

Yeah, you were colder than MI - but not by much! I've decided our weather is pretty much Canada-lite (but not too lite, eh?). And our roads are still horrific. We stop plowing because we don't have a 2nd shift of plow workers. Good plan, MI. Good plan.