Friday, September 19, 2008

Politcal rant

We interrupt this knitting blog for the following rant. It is about the Canadian election if you are not interested please feel free to skip.

The Conservative Party has not released a platform. I have asked them from a link on their website what their platform is, I haven't heard back. Harper has said he will announce policy on Oct 15 (the day after the election). What the hell good does that do for me?
All of the election ads have been attack ads, what other people have done wrong, why their plans won't work.

So far in election promises Harper has promised:
Up to $750 tax credit for new home buyers (doesn't mean you will get $750)
$0.02/L decrease in diesel / aviation fuel tax. The gas prices are changing by >$.10/L overnight - what does this do.
$150 tax credit to seniors
As I can't find the platform and only am able to get the sound bites of these policies what they actually mean is not much.

I want to know what his plans are on health care, environment, agriculture, family, economy. Harper has assured us we are not going to have a recession since if we were going to have one it would have started already. I need something more to go on.

My question is why are people going to vote for the Conservative Party - they are not willing to tell you what they want to do with the country yet you are willing to hand over control to them. Polls are showing that the Tories have 36% national support. This makes no sense to me.

A couple of things that I did find out about Harper while searching for his platform. He is writing a book on the early days of the NHL and that Laureen Harper is also listed as a Conservative Leader (she has never been elected so I don't know how this has happened).

If anyone out there is planning on voting conservative or knows some one who is I have a two simple questions "What part of the Tory platform attracts you? What do you want to see Harper accomplish?"

If my search of the Conservative website and of the internet has been faulty and a policy document is out there then please let me know where it is.

I think I will send a l link to this blog entry Conservative candidate in my riding to see if they can shed light on this issue.


Wily Jeneric said...

Wait, wait! Your first question should be, to a Tory voter, What IS the platform of your party?

Guess I can't complain here in the US, where both parties answered the ScienceDebate 2008 questions and have released their platforms well in advance of the election. I suppose that's one positive for the spectacles that are the conventions.

Julia in KW said...

Amen, Sister! I have to tell you that it scares me to think that Harper will get in. He seems very much like a wolf in sheep's clothing, to use a "wool" analogy. His ads which show him in a warm grandpa-like vest, etc. do nothing to allay the feeling that he is waiting for a majority to unleash his true wishes for a "republican" style party/government/platform...yikes!

Teresa said...

No word yet on a platform. I was told not to hold out hope as the Tory party didn't have one that they want to share. No one would elect them if they did.

Jenni said...

I think the Canadian Tories just aren't paying attention to the Republicans. You can totally have a public platform that nearly everyone disagrees with - and still win. You just need to right distractions (pigs, lipstick, hockey moms, economic crisis, etc) and no one will care that you actually aren't against pork legislation, that you will keep us in Iraq until purgatory, that you don't give a lick about the environment, that you will not reduce our dependency on foreign oil or that you're old and will probably kick it while in office.

Teresa said...

I see but the whole way the Tories are campaigning relies is by criticizing what everyone else is proposing and saying what a crappy job they have done in the past. If they said what they will do they open themselves up to criticism. Harper hates that.

Jenn said...

on the news in the past couple days i heard that the Conservatives finally did reaveal their platform. journalists had the same response - 'he's doing it with one week to go?'. *sigh*

AKW said...

The thing I dislike about Harper is how he's always saying things like "Canadians aren't worried about he economy" or "Canadians don't care about funding the arts." He thinks Canadians think exactly like he does, which shows how out of touch he is.