Thursday, September 18, 2008

Knitters Fair

This was an impulse buy.
Well as much as an impulse as seeing something deciding you want it, putting it back and saying if it is still here when I finish wandering this room then I will get it is. It is 8 balls of Estelle 100% silk in a beige. Now when I decided to get it, I thought there was 9 balls in the bag which I figured would easily make a cardigan. I got home and had it on the coffee table and say wear it was written in large letters 8 balls. I looked at the bag again - yup 8 balls. I think though this will be enough for the February Ladies Sweater (rav link).

My next purchase I debated about for a long time, I ended up getting Shelridge Farms DKW Soft Touch yarn in peacock .
So yummy. This will be a hat for me and possibly for the little one as well. They had a great pumpkin and yellow that would be great for a Jayne's Hat but unfortunately they were sold out of their red. I also think the red is not the right colour- a little more on the blue spectrum than yellow. When I went back later in the day, to get the pumpkin and yellow they were now sold out of the pumpkin. This yarn obviously does not want to be a Jayne's Hat. I have admired their yarns and their patterns for a long time so I am glad that I finally bought some yarn.

I also got some Acid exhaust dye to overdye the laceweight that I tried to naturally dye last year and was not happy about the colour.

Last time I mentioned the Cascade yarn for Christmas Stockings that I got at Shall We Knit, here is a photo of it. I still haven't decided on a pattern- and probably won't till I go to cast on. It is just nice to know the options.
The baby blanket is 1/2 seamed and I also have some sweaters that now have buttons to show you in the next post.

Since we have an election coming up although everyone seems bored of it (it is not very exciting compared to the one to the south) I thought I would share this post


Jenni said...

Don't know the yardage of the yarn, but I do think it will look quite nice as that sweater.

Sorry to hear of the foiled Jayne hat plans. A blue hat, though not quite the same, will still be a warm, hand-made hat!

Teresa said...

Yardage would help, it is 100 yrds/ball listed as aran weight 8 wpi. Although I think of it as worsted, since it is thinner than the Rowan Cotton rope, maybe more like the Cascade 220. Although it is listed as 18 sts/inch.
I'll see what swatching and washing does.

Jenni said...

Been looking at that sweater off-and-on for a week now. Might add it to my cue, too. I think it would be very nice with long sleeves to wear as a professional sweater at work, where the temperature isn't quite cold but it's not warm, either. Hmm. Well, it's all moot in a few days - knitting will certainly come to a slow chug.