Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Here in Ontario we celebrate Civic Holiday, a day to celebrate the summer (most of the other provinces celebrate it with different names). How did I spend this weekend:
Friends from Philly came up

We went to the cottage

Keeper went for his first swim. It was hot on Saturday, and he had spent a chunk of time in the car before we got to the beach (not locked in the car but we didn't go straight to the cottage). I decided to take him down to the water and see if he wanted to swim. My plan was to walk out until he stopped and wasn't comfortable.

We walked out

We hit the sand bar

After that it wss deep enough for him to swim

He just wanted to keep going.

Keeper loves the beach and the water. I let him swim around for a little while and then would take him back to the sandbar where he could stand. Then back out for a swim.

Monday morning, Ali had him and allowed me to get these shots. Keeper just wanted to jump all over the place in the water and run through the waves. I guess I have a beach bum/couch potato for a dog.


At the end of the day though, he wants to sleep.

(Apparently we only took pictures at the beach during the weekend.)


Betsy said...

Keeper is so cute. Can you take him off leash in the water? He and Bailey would make great friends as Bailey is addicted to swimming. All water is good for him as long as it doesn't involve soap.

You Canadians seem to have a plethora of holidays. Lucky lucky.

Teresa said...

We kept Keeper on leash while in the water. He has a mind of his own and although slower in the water he doesn't like to take breaks.