Sunday, August 19, 2007

Keeper's Scarf

I finished Keeper's scarf

This was a fun project, my first attempt at shadow knitting and enjoyed watching the pattern slowly emerge.
Project Specs:
Needles: 5mm Boye straights
Yarn: Diamond Tempo yarn (75% acrylic: 25% wool) 100g/200m in one ball
Little more than one ball each of black (col 217) and tan (col 1203)
Pattern : My own with help from Vivian Høxbro's book Shadow Knitting

Did you notice a brindle dog in the above photos. Keeper hasn't changed colours or markings but we are having a house guest for a couple of weeks. His name is Tomax and his owners went on vacation so we are looking after him.

This is what the two of them do most of the day. They are currently sleeping now (but inside on their beds).


Wily Jeneric said...

Wicked. Love it. I'm going to think up a new challenge, since you execute them with genious. Since I manage to knit once a week (Monday night), I am not so smart with the knitting challenges.

So, who's the scarf for?

Also, will there be more cute photos of Keeper +1?

Teresa said...

The scarf was given away as a raffle prize in a greyhound picnic on Sunday. Fun was had by all.

Stay tuned for another idea for a knitting challenge (I am thinking of project ideas).

I'll try to get more photos of the two of them but will have to wait for the weekend (camera issues).