Saturday, May 26, 2007


Last night was freak out the Muggles night at the Indigo bookstore in downtown Toronto, Sarah, Ali (as photographer) and myself decided to attend. Arriving around 7pm (work and traffic prevented arriving earlier) we of course had to stand. (I later found out you had to arrive before 6 to get seats).Indigo just didn't have a large enough space to set chairs up for all the knitters.
Although they were able to manage the crowd and allow their other patrons (hard to believe that people would go to the bookstore not to hear Stephanie) to maneuver around the store.
This was the fourth time I have seen Stephanie (at Maryland SW, Doylestown PA, Knitters Guild and last night) as she as usual kept me laughing. I think I may be stalking her.

(from this picture it looks like I need a little bit of sun - I didn't realize I was so blindingly white)

Before we headed off to the the Spotted Dick for a pint we got to hold the sock.

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Wily Jeneric said...

Very nice. I see the sock behaved. I worry sometimes that the sock will get tired of all the handling and suddenly snap one of the needles.

(ps It's already been established that you are a Harlot stalker. Don't you remember when we seriously contemplated driving to Canada because her 2nd book (I think) was going to be available early at a small store? That's just plain nuts.)

Teresa said...

Ahh but we didn't drive to Canada thus preserving the image of sanity.

Wily Jeneric said...

Yes, but I confessed our intentions in an e-mail to the Harlot, thus alerting the stalkee of our stalker plans and cementing our somewhat heretical status. It's okay. She's so famous now I doubt she remembers us at all (do you think, in her wildest dreams, she ever thought she'd have so many fans that she could, nay would have to forget some of them?). So stalk away, my friend, stalk away.

Teresa said...

But she recognized me at the Knitters guild from meeting her in Doylestown.
I think she is one of those people that is good with faces. It is also she reads lots of blogs and I always comment before a visit that I will see her at the event.