Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Greyhound knits

So the day after Jenni suggested that I knit something with one of my other interests of mine. I received an email from one of the organizers of Hugs for Hounds put out a request for items for the silent auction at the event. You can see where this is going... I said I would knit something for the auction (it is in August).
Since greyhounds come in many sizes and colours I don't want to knit something for the dogs - I haven't even knit Keeper a sweater yet. So, I was thinking of something for the dog owners. Maybe a scarf with a silhouette of greys on the end. I did a quick search for greyhound charts and came up with some crochet items (still not enough to make me learn crochet). I emailed a couple of greyhound owners who knit, they don't know of any charts. So I will be making my own charts (which gives me some time to figure out what I am putting this picture on - not positive about the scarf idea) from the following silhouettes.


hege said...

Those greyhound craft links are so cool! Love the crocheted hounds :) Good luck with your project, it's going to look great!

Wily Jeneric said...

Hmm. How about knitting this in shadow knitting? It would be a new technique for you (I think) and could look pretty darn neat, too. A scarf would be a fantastic garment to start with.

Priscilla said...

Or maybe do the greyhound as planned then add a shadowed Bunny Rabbit or some such prey a little ways up the scarf. I love little "extras" like that