Thursday, April 12, 2007

Some random thoughts

I had this nice long post last night almost ready to post and blogger ate the thing - pisses me off. I'll try to recreate the post.

A couple of weeks ago our car started making a weird engine noise. We scheduled an appointment with the mechanic for this past Tuesday to have it looked at and fixed. On Sunday (Easter Sunday) we were at my parents for dinner then started to drive home on the backroads as we normally do. Well we heard a noise and something falling from the car. The battery light came on, "UH OH!", the engine began to over heat. SHIT! We knew there was a gas station about 5 km up ahead. We decided to limp there, so we could inspect the car with some lights, stopping often to let the engine cool down (I was glad for a change that it was cold for Easter). We arrived at the 24 hour service station - it was closed. Lets pause for a moment to consider that.
There was lights on around the building so we pulled up and checked under the hood. The coolant reservoir was still full. We called CAA and Dad. Dad confirmed what I thought when I saw a shiny pulley beside the engine - the fan belt was gone. CAA came and towed our car and Dad loaned us his truck for a couple of days until the pulley (it had seized) and belt could be replaced. Just a word of advice don't have your car brake down on Easter Sunday.

On Tuesday night Amy Singer came to the knitting guild to discuss her new book No Sheep for You. I learned a lot from Amy's talk about how to substitute fibres and how a yarn will behave when it is knitted up. Amy also talked about the different non animal fibre families: bast, seed, protein, synthetic, and extruded; how knowing how one fibre behaves in the family will give you ideas on how a related fibre will behave - think of linen and hemp both bast fibres. Extruded fibres are an expanding group and will be an interesting place I think to watch, this family includes yarn made from bamboo, soy, corn seaweed and MILK (yeah that last one was new for me as well). I think No sheep for you will be added to my library at some point.
Amy also had the trunk show there and I got to fondle the silk jacket/robe that Amy admits should be left in your will if you ever decide to make it. If you do make it - please will it to me. The wonderful sweater of Morrigan - an enticing knit (which I realize I am not that crazy to make) was beautiful and soft.

I have finished one entrelac sock. You could easily make a decent pair of socks from only two balls of koigu - just split them in half and knit until one runs out of yarn. My sock weighs 48 g and I have a 23 cm (9") heel to cuff measurement - I might have been able to squeeze one more pattern repeat out of the navy, I am not sure, but I decided to stop at this length due to the thickness of my calves and my dislike of overly long songs. I have worn the sock for a couple of steps and I don't think the pattern will bother me for a normal day's activities. However I wouldn't wear this sock for a massive hike - in those situations the little ridges might bother you. I am looking forward to finishing this pair of socks and adding them to my drawer. (My wool socks always seem to be in the laundry).
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Wily Jeneric said...

Man, I wish I lived in Canada. Amy Singer? Trunk show? Nothing that cool ever happens in NJ (sure, it happens in NY, but that's too far for a lazy mom like me). How close is Michigan to your neck of the woods? Hmm...