Thursday, November 05, 2009


I was going to write a post about the new sweater I am knitting for NB - MinO- which I have been loving. However, last night as I was working on another project I ran into a problem. So my dear readers you get some of my musings.
First the players:
The Yarn : Louet Gems Sport. 2 skeins of 100g/225 yrds merino, ball band gauge 22-24 sts/4"
The Intended: Christmas present for my SIL
Some background
  1. When I first bought the yarn I was thinking socks
  2. The yarn has been wound in balls for awhile now, since I was always going to cast on for socks with it
  3. My SIL saw the yarn and remarked how lovely the colour is, (I love colour as well)
  4. I cruised Ravelry and decided on Embossed Leaves - people have knit these socks with this yarn
  5. I don't know how the above was accomplished. I need size 2.0 mm(US 0) to get gauge and that hurts my hands. With a 16 st repeat I can't cut out a pattern repeat.
The delimina
  1. The yarn now is saying scarf/shawl to me - do I listen?
  2. Will the recipient wear the red scarf/shawllette? I know she would have worn the socks
  3. Do I knit her socks out of another yarn?
  4. Do I want to knit another red scarf after I just finished Sugared Pompa?
The ideas - feel free to toss others out there (all are Rav links)
  1. Boneyard shawl
  2. Red Skies at Night
  3. Drop Stitch Scarf
  4. Flower Basket Shawl
  5. Herbivore


Sarah said...

I know the yarn you are talking about. I say still socks, different pattern!

Jenni said...

I'd like to second Sarah's comment - make socks, but go for a different pattern.

However, if you are set on a scarf, consider the situations in which the recipient might wear the scarf - the patterns you're considering are very different! Boneyard Shawl, for example, is very simple and understated - could work in a variety of situations. Red skies at night and Flowerbasket are a bit fancier while the drop stitch scarf is very casual. I don't care for herbivore. But if I have to pick, I go for Red skies at night. Fancy enough to keep your interest, appropriate to wear at work or even out to a nice dinner. Smart and stylish.