Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sugared Pompa

I am not done all of my catching up yet, but thought I would pause here to post about a recent FO.
Pompa by Ann Hanson
This is a quick lace knit. The pattern is very intuitive and is easy to memorize. The result though is lovely. The columns of bars are created with YOs, instead of dropped stitches as in Clapotis, so if your yarn is sticky(mohair anyone) it won't be a problem.

The yarn I used is Sugar Rush by Queensland collection. This yarn is made from sugar cane and has a sheen to it. At 125m/50g it is a dense yarn for a sport weight yarn. I wanted a pattern that would be able to handle the weight and I think this project does it. I used most of two skeins (knots near the edges and wanted to finish a pattern repeat). This gave me a scarf that is 15cm x 134 cm. I thought that 4 repeats across would be too wide and I was happy with the size this gave me.

I also got some blocking wires which I will be using more of in the future. Lace blocking is much easier - especially if you want those straight edges.
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Suzanne said...

Looks great! Are those the blocking wires you were talking about? How does the sugar cane yarn handle the blocking?

Teresa said...

Those are the blocking wires I mentioned before.
The yarn didn't change much after blocking but I did notice the yarn changing as I knit with it. It was not as shiny as it first was, and other people on Rav says it doesn't wear well.

Suzanne said...

If only things remained new looking forever. I love my malabrigo silky scarf, pills and all, but it doesn't look nor feel as nice as it did when first finished.

Jenni said...

Nice. I life the color. Hmm. Wires. Might have to consider those, especially after the pinning fest with my last scarf.