Monday, October 12, 2009


It is hard to write a dishcloth project up into a blog post but here it goes. Evelyn Clark, the designer of the Flower Basket shawl, designed a dishcloth pattern with a greyhound on it, a few days after seeing the pattern, a request went out for donations for a Greyhound raffle fundraiser. I of course put the two together and volunteered to knit some for charity.

I downloaded the pattern, looked at it and there was no chart. It was written out line by line. I thought about it and went, this isn't going to work I need a chart - isn't that funny how we get set in our ways. However, thanks to Ravelry I had come across a link to a chart generator, I went and dug up the post and checked out the links, created my chart.

After making the chart I proceeded to make 6 dishcloths, not being a big dishcloth knitter I didn't realize how little time it takes to knit these, and ran out of yarn while I was on vacation - so what is a knitter to do but to make an intarsia dish cloth with some of the leftovers.

If you ever need to generate a chart, this is the one I used
Chart Gen.
However, I have also found these tools but have not fully tested them out: Jacqui's Knitting Chart Maker, Chart-A-Rama, and Knit Pro 2.0. Chart Gen, Chart Maker and Chart-A-Rama all translate written instructions into a chart - each one has a slightly different input mechanism and format that it wants. Knit Pro takes a jpg or gif and turns it into a chart (I have not used this site). However I may in the future.

When I was working on the Serenity socks, I went back to Chart Gen and charted the instructions for the leaf on the heel.


Jenni said...

Long live the chart! Wendy of Wendyknits uses MS Word, of all things, to chart...

or more recently, Excel. But neither of these will translate the written word into a chart...

Someday I will again knit something complicated enough to warrant a chart. Probably when the girls are in school... so that's what, 4 more years?

Teresa said...

See dishcloths are easy to knit, but when they have a pattern it is much nicer that they have a chart.

What about socks, they can have small charts. Again can be very neccessary

Jenni said...

True - I've knit at least one pair of socks with a chart. And a scarf, too. But I was able to memorize both patterns. I'm talking about a pattern I can't memorize. That takes more concentration than I can currently spare.