Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election results

I stayed up late last night (well late for a pregnant woman) to watch the election results. I was not happy, then when I woke up to go to the bathroom I couldn't get back to sleep since I was so pissed off at Canadians.
Dr Steph sums it up the best here

In 2004, Canadians made fun of Americans for re electing Bush. The first time in 2000 it was a mistake- voter fraud, supreme court intervention but 2004 that was all the voters doing.
However, here Canada just repeated the mistake. We have re-elected a leader that doesn't understand the economy (head in the sand), that is out of touch with the people, a leader that doesn't understand basic science (apparently you can burn coal without emitting CO2).

We need election reform in Canada. We have declining voter turnout, this election was the lowest turnout ever only 58% eligible voters turned out to vote. Our first past the post electoral system allows the Tories to have a minority government (it was almost a majority) with 147 seats after receiving 37.6% of the vote. The Liberal Party received 26.2% of the vote and got 76 seats. Over 60% of Canadians who voted did not want Harper to be Prime Minister. Mixed member proportional system is not a perfect electoral system but it may give us better representation of what Canadians want (pdf link).

So I now have an MP that I have written asking clarification and he ignored me, he is anti choice, and likes abstinence programs. I still have a Prime Minister that is an effective politician but stands for everything I am against. The government spent $300 million in an economic crisis on an election that was against the law. The only consolation is that it could have been a majority (I shudder at the thought)- he was only 11 seats short.

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Jenni said...

Yep, I saw the results and let out a sad sigh. We're halfway to moving to the Caribbean. But I'm cautiously optimistic that the US will elect Obama - he's ahead in the polls, but October isn't over and there's time for some major event to wreak havoc.