Monday, August 18, 2008

Missing buttons

This soft cardi has had the knitting done since May, however, for reasons unexplained I did not seam it together until quite recently. While I was seaming, I was also looking for the white buttons that I got to go with it. Buttons... Can't seem to find them anywhere.

I have tossed my stash, which has grown quite a lot this pass year. I really need to work on that as it is getting out of hand.

I have checked all the other assorted baskets around the house and knitting bags that I would put the buttons in.

I can't seem to find them

So I figure this leads me with a couple of options. A) go buy new buttons now, B) wait a couple of more months - I am thinking of October in the hopes that the buttons are found.

Project specs:
Pattern: Soft Cardi in a Knitters Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes
Needles: Size 4.5 mm
Yarn: Rowan Cotton Rope


Wily Jeneric said...

Well, you might check Keeper's digestive tract, though I suppose if that's the explanation, they are long since fertilizer!

I vote for getting the buttons now since life has a way of steamrolling towards chaos. Not that I would know anything about that...

Nathalie said...

You might find some nice buttons at the Knitters Fair!

Sarah said...

Get some buttons from Mom. She has a billion (more than I see in most sewing stores), and she's trying to decrease her stash.

Plus they are free and if you find your lost buttons you can easily return or keep them.

I"m getting buttons from her for the sweater I'm knitting for the baby.