Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another post - shocking I know

Way back when I talked about the would be ill fitting baby Kimono. I partially took it apart in the hopes to fix it. I then left it in my knitting basket until about a week ago and decided that I really should get it done for this fall. I pulled it out and started noticing areas that needed to be fixed and quickly came up with a long list including:
Ripping out one of the fronts to the arm shaping, and starting it earlier
Ripping out the other front to the wrap shaping - the bind off looks too tight
Adding some width to the top of the sleeves

- I think the back was fine.
This was not at all guarantee to make the sweater fit.
So I decided to do the more radical approach and make a different sweater.

Since seaming has been an issue with me lately, a top down seamless raglan was in order.

The second sleeve is done and I have a few more inches done along the bottom. This sweater, even though I followed the 6 mo size, looks in my eyes to fit a 1 yo. But that doesn't bother me since babies grow and it will fit at some point.

The one problem I have found for with this sweater construction is trying to get it to lay in a nice fashion for a WIP photo shoot.

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Jenni said...

Without anything for scale, it's tough to tell. I generally find knitted patterns fit large. Toddler Jeneric is still wearing her sweater from spring, which is a 2T. She's at the 2T/3T boundary and I foresee this sweater wearing through the fall.

Plus, Ninja babies run large.