Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I have been a bad blogger

I have thought about blogging, taken some photos to post but that is as far as it has gotten.

Proof that I have thought of the blog - I have pictures of the total eclipse (Feb 20).

(This my E for the abc along)

and I have done some knitting.

So to sum up: I am still alive, I have done some knitting, life has been busy although not that exciting, we have had lots of snow, and short stay by another grey.


urielrotstein said...

I took pictures of the lunar eclipse too, it was awesome

Jenni said...

I can definitely tell that greyhound isn't Keeper. Spotted, like Mickey Mouse.

More snow on the way today, at least for central Michigan. Yee haw. It's the winter that will never, ever end.

Teresa said...

I think the storm is going to miss us which I find difficult.
Eddy (the extra grey) was here for about 1 hour. His owners flight were cancelled due to a storm.

Jenni said...

What? More snow in MI than Canada? How unfair. If you're missing the snow, I'm sure Michigan would gladly send some your way. We don't even have any bulbs peeking through. Spring, she is banished from MI.