Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What is in your garden?

I was outside the other day and came across this scarf bush

Everyone needs a scarf bush – it even managed to produce one hat. What am I going to do with my harvest from this shrub – - send them to Dulaan of course. June 15 is fast approaching, and I promised to knit five items. So what do I have to send

Scarf and hat from some yellow wool that I received a Christmas. Scarf is garter stitch, knit lengthwise, hat has a deep 1x1 ribbing cuff then a stockinette crown. I think marked these items as for a small adult or large child.

Green scarf – a knitter in the guild gave this one to me to send back in December.

Pink Scarf – I knit this originally for myself but it is too short for me. Besides I have my clapotis now

RPM socks - When I started these socks back in August, they were for me, but before I finished them I thought that I would give them away. Something about the cuff for me – too tight if I remember correctly. They have been sitting around since then finished waiting for a pair of feet to keep warm

The two Challenge vests that I knit will also be going. So that means I am sending 7 items (five items knit by me for for Dulaan).

I just now need to wrap up the packages and get them in the mail. They have only been waiting for that since last week.

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Wily Jeneric said...

Huzzah for charity knitting! I know the kids in Mongolia will be a bit warmer this winter.