Monday, July 25, 2011


There once was a boy who loved bugs and crawlies of all sorts.  He was always careful with animals, treating them gently.

His mother noticed this love of animals and asked him what animal he would like her to knit him.  He quickly chose a caterpillar, and the mother agreed to make one.  The caterpillar was given the name of Zoup.

The boy took great care of Zoup, taking him everywhere.  However, Zoup wanted more, he loved the look of the feel of the plants on his feet.

He enjoyed checking out the gardens, but it wasn't enough.

What Zoup really wanted was to be free.  Caterpillars are not meant to be caterpillars forever.  Zoup asked the boy to let him go.  The boy was unsure, he knew Zoup couldn't look after himself (being made of wool and such). Zoup assured him that it would be okay.

The boy decided to let Zoup go in the garden.  As Zoup crawled away, something happened.

He became a real caterpillar.

The boy was sad that his caterpillar was gone. A couple of weeks later, he went out to the garden and saw a butterfly. He got closer, there was something different about this butterfly. This butterfly allowed him to get real close.

It even landed on his shoulder

It was Zoup! Zoup had come back to visit his friend.  Zoup needed to turn into a butterfly, that is why he left. After his metamorphosis he came back and stayed with his friend.

Knitting details on Ravelry: Zoup, Flutterby


Gina said...

So cute!

Jenni said...

Cute beyond belief! I think you should collect that into a little book (from Shutterfly or Blurb)!

Ali said...

Holy Crap! That was awesome!

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