Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Still alive

Who it was March since my last post.  Whoops, time did fly this summer.

I finished the Honeybee Stole - designed by Anne Hanson

This was a great knit, and it did fly along when I was actually knitting it - it got put aside for other projects quite often.  The yarn has a story behind it which starts with my first (and only) foray into natural dyeing, followed by overdyeing with green acid dye.  I loved the affect that the gold undertones had on the resulting yarn.  As the yarn was mordanted with copper, the feel of the yarn is not as soft as when I first purchased it.  However, I think I will use this stole this coming fall and winter.
  This stole has lace patterning on both sides, which did slow me done some until I got the hang of it.  - Pointy needles are needed.


Jenni said...

That's quite lovely. Bravo for a well-done knit.

Mandy said...

it's gorgeous. too bad your initial dyeing didn't work as you'd hoped.