Thursday, March 12, 2009

Silk, Silk and more silk

I was thinking about my knitting projects yesterday and it turns out that I am in a silk mood. I never thought that when I started knitting that I would have four projects utilizing silk being worked on at once (well almost at once) .
  1. Bianca jacket - Just to give a quick update on this project. I thought I didn't have enough yarn (again!), but with some calculations I found out the swatch (14 g) had just enough yarn to finish the project. It is now waiting for buttons to be completed.
  2. Slip stitch ribbed socks - these were recently complete. Nothing more to say.
  3. Tomten jacket- This is a classic design by EZ, and I am using the same Merino et Soie that the slip stitch ribbed socks used as well as Shelridge Farms DK weight. I am loving both these yarns, and combining it with garter stitch is giving a very smooshy fabric. I don't think Ninja baby will fit until fall though

  4. Celtic vest - This is a kit from Fleece Artist. The yarn is their Scotian Silk (35% silk, 65% wool. I just started this project and now that I am past the cast on it should go quickly.
All 3 silk yarns are very different, but all feel nice on the hands. There is still a ball of Lang Jawoll Silk sock yarn in the stash...

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Wily Jeneric said...

You know, I was so out of it, I didn't even ask to see the Bianca jacket. Sigh. Well, next time, I suppose.

My motto of knitting for wee ones: knit it big and it'll last longer.