Saturday, January 31, 2009

Evolution of a project

Over Christmas I started thinking about knitting the February Ladies Sweater with the Estelle Silk that I purchased at the Knitters Fair. When I purchased this yarn, I thought that I was buying 9 balls but as I can't count or read when overcome with yarn fumes there was only 8 in the bag. (This is totally my fault the bag was clearly marked when I looked at my purchases at home).

I had already printed the pattern, and thought that I might be a little short, but due to the top down raglan construction, I thought I could use some complimentary yarn as an accent and that it would work. I decided to measure my bust and check the pattern.

I was not a little short, I was 200 meters short or about 20%. I didn't even have enough of the complimentary yarn to make up the difference.

A new plan was needed. Enter Ravelry.

Using the pattern searcher, I came across the Bianca Jacket. The same yarn (different brand but basically the same), enough yarn and I liked it. I would prefer the length to be longer but with just over 800 yards that was not going to happen no matter what the pattern.
I adjusted the pattern to knit the body in one piece, I didn't see the reason to keep the side seams. After knitting the bodice, I knit the sleeves in tandem. I kept the seam on the sleeves instead of converting to be in the round for the simple reason I didn't want to re chart the lace pattern (I had messed up the lace big time in the swatch).

Here is a photo of the sleeves part done.
I have progressed now to the point that I have joined the sleeves to the body so it looks like a jumbled mass so no more photos. I have been happy with this project so far and I hope by writing that it is not going to kick me.

Note to Julia in KW:
My sock blockers were acquired at a garage sale by my step mother. I believe they were used to dry socks on them as opposed to decorative use. I only have the pair and due to the size are for men's socks. I keep thinking though that I should get some for my socks.

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Wily Jeneric said...

Again, I must say: nice knits on the kid!

Oh, and nice looking sweater, too - will I see an FO in March?