Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring arrival

For those of us in SW Ontario the winter was long. In Kitchener/Waterloo we broke two snowfall records
  • The most snowfall at one time 37 cm (old record 22.4 cm in 1971) March 8 storm
  • The most snowfall in a season - I am not sure where we are so far but the old record was 245.3 cm set in 1923-24 (broken March 8)
April 1, this is what our back yard looked like (after 1 day of rain)

The first time I saw robins this spring it was March 25 - five were in the same tree eating some berries. I think they might have been shock to them that there was no grass to pick through for bugs and seeds.

Afternoon of April 2,

Sunday April 6
I should keep a record (hey isn't that what this blog is for) when these crocuses first flower. I planted them in September and the package said Feb - March flowering. I knew Feb was out but April?

There is only snow in the backyard in a very few patches along the wooden fence, where it drifted deep and doesn't get much sun.

My Burning Bush (Eunoymus alata, Dwarf Winged Eunoymus) fed the rabbits in the neighbourhood and may have been a sacrifice. I am not sure what the my "guard" dog was doing during these attacks. He lets us know when the rabbits are at the neighbours though.

The rabbits would not have had to stretch very far to get that back that is 60 cm off the ground, as the snow was quite deep. There are some branches that are not completely girdles and a few inner ones not touched. I am going to wait until it starts to leaf out to decide if it can be salvagable or if it needs to go back to the ground (which by the look at some of the pruning I think it has before).


Nathalie said...

If it makes you feel better, my crocuses have never flowered before April, no matter how mild the weather is.

Teresa said...

I forgot to mention that I have crocuses planted and snow crocuses. These are the snow crocuses. I have seen no signs of life from the regular crocuses yet.

Jenni said...

Global warming, eh? :)