Sunday, October 28, 2007

"What are you doing?"

"Ah, now I'm comfy"

"What are you laughing at?"


Jenni said...

Seriously, your dog has a stuffed animal that is larger than my daughter. Keeper, you have some serious people control skills, to get some cushy stuffed toys like that.

Teresa said...

Yes he has a large stuffed bear, but to justify it's existence it was originally mine. I got it as a preteen and it was put in a box when I lived at home with lots of other things from that era. Last winter those boxes came to live with us (now that we have a house) and Keeper quickly claimed just that bear. The owl came with him and we bought him the frog. So he is not as spoiled as some pets.
But definately spoiled.

Barbit said...

Keeper is living the good life! He needs something to keep him warm during the cold Canadian winters. Are you going to knit him any outfits?