Sunday, September 09, 2007

Knitters Fair

Spent a good chunk of time and money at the Knitters Fair on Saturday. I met up with Sarah and Vick saw them go into fibre overload as newbies at these types of events do. I haven't taken pictures of my purchases today (it actually rained !!!!), however I will let you in on one of the major purchases.

I got enough of Noro Silk Garden (col 239) for a cardigan. Different then the tweedy grey that I was thinking for the cardigan, however I had decided to find the yarn then choose the pattern from my narrowed down list.
Since this is very different then what I was envisioning I need to switch gears with the pattern, since I don't want horizontal stripes. I have decided on using mitered corners in the cardigan to get vertical stripes. Similar to the Blueberry/Marmalade cardigan by Maureen Mason Jamieson (without the slip stitches).

My gauge swatch is drying and then I have a bunch of measurements to do before starting a ton of calculations.


Wily Jeneric said...

I take it the fair was a good time? Was the yarn just a purchase or a birthday present to yourself? I really like the cardigan idea. It will look quite smart with the mitered edges. Do check into Elizabeth Zimmerman - she worked with mitered squares a fair bit and might have some advice for you.

I will post, I will post, but I am knitting a really project. It's red and Sunrise-y and Circle-y. We loves it.

Wily Jeneric said...

Hippo Bird ay to you! Hippo Bird ay to you! Hippo Bird ay dear HouseofWoooooooool! Hippo Bird ay to you!

(due note the Canadian accent with which that is sung, ay?).