Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Non Knitting FO

After our fence was built, we realized our backyard was missing something. (Okay I'll admit the backyard still needs a bunch of work, but one step at a time.) I began to think about this, and thought maybe we should build one. Build what you say. – A picnic table.
I broached the idea to Ali – seeing as I couldn't build it myself, and he was for it. Now the original idea was to build an A –frame table. You know the ones I mean – the ones that immediately come to mind when you say picnic table. However, the power of the internet gave us another idea.

A google search on picnic tables showed us an octagon plan, an octagon plan with slide in seating so you don't have to step over the bench. An octagon table, with slide in seating, that you can use an umbrella with. We decided to think about, to make sure we weren't going to get over our heads.
Then the plans bought, the lumber purchased and the picnic table flew together.

This table could be built over a long weekend or for the more wood savy – in a normal weekend.
This table has two problems with how I see things
It highlights the fact that our patio needs to be redone. (This is on the schedule for next year, as well as moving soil around the back yard.
It is freaking heavy. As was pointed out to be by Mom, most picnic tables are heavy and awkward to move. There is no getting around this one.
Despite these things, we can now eat outside and enjoy the wonderful (albeit dry) weather we have been having.

I have a another post to write about the weekend. Hopefully I'll have a chance tomorrow.


betsy said...

wow. the table looks great. you two are so handy!

Barbit said...

I am very impressed. Ever consider becoming Amish? They are also good picnic table makers. Kinda think of it, they do a lot of knitting too!