Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gray is the new


My camera monitor hates red, everything looks purple so it is very difficult to get red correctly. ( scroll down for knititng content)

Whenever you paint with red you need a good primer. I was always told to use a tinted primer, until I went and bought this paint. They told me (correctly) that red covers gray better than pink (thats what happens when you tint primer it is not the actual colour). I knew I was going to get a good primer if I was going to paint with this colour (Rapture).

The living room now looks like this (it was taupe before). You can see the kitchen, I am thinking of going with sand in the archway.

I have done 1.5 repeats on the cuff of the second poma sock, seen here frolicking with some old roses.

And a final distraction - a peony that is almost done flowering.


Liz K. said...

I'm loving watching the progress on the house made of wool!

Priscilla said...

Hey, it's not the first time I have heard of painting red over gray primer. You are crazy with the painting; how are you getting the knitting done? As per Jenni's comment previous: Details! Details! What color red? What manufacturer. Matte? Eggshell? Flat? Since we can't be there to help you paint, we must have details. In other news, Alex and I are spending a romantic Saturday evening shampooing the carpets. Married just four years and he uses this line, "It is romantic. We are building a nest together." He (who first finds it) just didn't want to clean up the cat vomit on Thursday and suggested we clean the carpets.

Betsy said...

I love the red. Never new that you needed gray primer to prep the walls. I'll keep that in mind for if I ever paint with that color. When I was little I really wanted a red room, but my mom said (and still believes) that red makes a room look smaller. What have you found?

Teresa said...

Thanks for your comments. I find the red very warm and inviting - perfect for the kitchen and dining room. I don't think it makes the room appear small. My mom's comment was that red makes people hungry. Which I guess is not a bad thing for a dining room.